Let my prayer be directed as incense in thy sight; the lifting up of my hands, as evening sacrifice.

Incensus hopes to provide quality incense for the Catholic home. We purchase directly from Catholic producers, wholesalers, and secular importers. We only sell the finest quality natural resin incense.

In early 2020 our family set out to buy a small thurible and quality incense to use in Catholic prayer at home. We quickly found that Catholic incense is usually sold by the pound and at exorbitant markups on rickety old websites geared towards supplying parishes. Small quantities of traditional Catholic incense and instructions for burning at home are abundant with New Age websites and distributors, but hard to find elsewhere. As faithful Catholics we could not in good conscience use these suppliers, but we could also not afford to buy the large minimum quantities required by premium Catholic incense producers. We hope this small venture fills the need for smaller quantities of premium incense, and that you will choose us for your incense needs.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns!

Incense at Home

Our 2oz tins are the perfect quantity for the home user

Most sites sell incense by the 1/2lb to lb. In our experience our 2oz tins last the home user nearly 30 burns on 33mm charcoal tablets, and countless more on 10mm.

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